Application and exam fees

You will need to pay a one-time application fee of 200 USD and 250 USD exam fee per exam. - If you apply through a representative in your country, please contact him/her for the details concerning the application and examination fee.

If you apply directly, please wire the money to the University of Pécs:


Bank account name:

Pécsi Tudományegyetem (University of Pécs)

Address of beneficiary:

7622 Pécs, Vasvári P. u. 4.

Bank name:

OTP Baranya m. Belfoldiek Devizai

Address of bank:

7621 Pécs, Király utca 11.

SWIFT code:



HU88  11731001-23135378-00000000


Please indicate your name and your online registration number in the remarks/reference section when ordering the payment. The application fee and the entrance exam fee are non-refundable.