Entrance exam information:


You will need to take an entrance exam:

The entrance exam is a complex exam consisting of an oral interview.

The oral part is a 20-30 minute personal interview with a university professor about medicine related questions and motivation by Skype or Zoom.


For this, you need to contact our Skype ID provided before the exam by email. You need to have a camera and microphone for your exam.

For direct applicants, online exams are organized each Wednesday starting from the beginning of March until the middle of July.

You need to register 2 weeks in advance by email, indicating the exact time zone of your stay at the time of the exam, and by paying the 250 USD entrance exam fee.


If you apply with the assistance of a representative agent, they can help you with further info about the fees, the exam location and methodology. The list of our representatives can be found at: 


• Please note that in case of an unsuccessful entrance exam you can only repeat it twice!