Registration week

The academic year begins with the Registration and Orientation Week.

The registration week is dedicated to a number of administrative tasks that you are obliged to complete before starting your studies.

Please note that the attendance of the Orientation lecture and the collective enrolment is compulsory, if you do not appear at the sessions during these two days, you will not be able to start your studies.

During the Registration Week you will create your legal status at the University of Pécs at the collective matriculation, you will learn about the curriculum and what courses to take, you will get familiar with Neptun, the computerized registration system for managing the education organization, and you will have to attend the obligatory preliminary medical check-up as well. You can also learn about how to register for a student card as well as at the Immigration Office.

The Registration and Orientation Week is concluded with the Opening Ceremony prior to the beginning of the instruction period.