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Researcher's Night 2022

Friday, 30 September, 2022

The Researcher’s Night is a free event series organised Europe-wide to promote science and research careers. This year, the last weekend of September allowed visitors to look into the secrets of various fields of science. At the Medical School, there were hundreds interested in new, colourful and exciting programs; all 79 programs were welcomed with enthusiasm.

All ages could find something for them: little ones could play in the popular Teddy Bear Hospital, and grownups could make discoveries in pharmacology, learn more about the cultural and scientific background of bones and skulls, paint brains, look behind the screen in emergency care, make tooth-coloured fillings, or they could even take part in body index measurements.

There were no programs without participants, and there were even some that barely had any space left for visitors.

Photos: Máté LORENCZ, Lajos KALMÁR