Laeticia Zelda Tchangom N.

“Coming to Pécs was a bit frightening for me because I wasn't sure what to really expect. My apprehension of being in a new place was so immense that for my first week in class; I literally asked a family friend who moved here 2 years before me, to attend some lectures with me. You won't believe how amazed I was to immediately fit in and feel at home because the students are lovely and we got along pretty fast. The staff here is very welcoming and subservient. The lecturers care whether you understand their teaching or not and put everything in place to help you in that regards. Everything is implemented for one to find their way around the university, with studies and all you definitely need. And one more thing: Landlords and local vendors are remarkably sympathetic and comprehensive.”




Form of finance

Study program

Period of studies
09/01/2018 to 07/01/2022



I am a hardworking, self-motivated and easygoing person. I have an enthusiastic and a positive attitude towards everything I am surrounded by or I encounter. I enjoy dancing as it helps me destress and have fun. I am outdoor person who enjoys socialising, interacting and meeting new people. Talking to others, listening to them, relating to them, feeling them and guiding them to the best of my abilities is literally what I live for. My hobbies aside dancing; singing, photography, traveling.

Career opportunities

The vast majority of pharmacy graduates work as pharmacists in large retail chains or independent pharmacies but there are other job options available within academia, regulatory bodies and the pharmaceutical industry.


  1. Community pharmacy
  2. Hospital pharmacy and
  3. Research Scientist (medical) are the most common but with the Pharm D degree you could equally work as:
  • Clinical research associate
  • Higher education lecturer
  • Medical sales representative
  • Pharmacologist
  • Product/process development scientist
  • Regulatory affairs officer
  • Research scientist (Life sciences)
  • Science writer
  • Toxicologist.

Recommendations for future students

Pharmacy School is tough but not impossible and like every single thing you do in life you must have the passion for it unless you will struggle a lot. It is fun and quite interesting especially when you love Chemistry as a whole. And even if you don?t the University of Pécs will make you love it without you realising trust me. One thing I know for sure is that Pharmacy is one of the best choice when it comes to career path as it gives you a wide range of career opportunities way more than one can imagine; from the most usual (Community Phamacy) to the most unusual (Bank).