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By Hungarian standards UnivPécs is the biggest university magazine with the largest number of copies and an elaborate design, written by university students.

10,000 copies appear biweekly in every semester, totaling 16 issues annually and reaching a reading audience of 40,000. UnivPécs is free of charge, also available outside the Pécs campus, e.g. in the towns of Szekszárd, Zalaegerszeg, Kaposvár and Szombathely.

UnivPécs journalists already attained numerous successes nationally. The most prestigious prizes were awarded to them by the Higher Education Magazines of Hungary at their annual conference. In 2008 their work was rewarded with an acknowledgement and 4 awards, and in 2008 one of their colleagues was given the newly initiated Pulitzer memorial prize.

UnivPécs, a university newspaperobserving the traditions of earlier papers like Universitas and Pécsi Campus was published for the first time in 2000. Even in the start-up year our reputation was good and by 2006 nearly 83 per cent of University's students knew about UnivPécs. Among university faculty and staff our 80 per cent reputation can be considered as outstanding. According to a survey 10,500 full-time and 6,300 part time students read the university newspaper on a regular basis.

After assessing newly emerging needs (the increasing number of foreign students and the new trend of studying abroad), we have decided to publish one page of every issue of UnivPécs in English. This page includes information on various programmes as well as articles written by guest professors and Erasmus students. Andrew C. Rouse, a professor of the Department of English Literature and Culture is a regular columnist of the English page.

The editorial office is open to all, so feel free to visit or join us. On every second Monday, when the current issue of UnivPécs comes out, a meeting is held where the next issue is discussed. You are also welcome to these meetings held in Rector's Office. Do not hesitate to contact us at