A lightshow of neurons inviting visitors to the Pécs Medical School during the Zsolnay Light Festival

Wednesday, 22 September, 2021

The University of Pécs Medical School will be decorated by the light installation of Koros Design between September 30 and October 2. The Medical School will be one of the locations of the Zsolnay Light Festival.

As we have reported earlier, the Zsolnay Light Festival will include almost 150 programs, including awe-inspiring, never seen before attractions in the capital of Baranya county.

The first and only Light Festival of the country will include 23 locations in Pécs, all decorated in incredible light paintings and installations; these are all part of the Light Road. 22 of the locations will be in the city centre, and the 23rd location will be, for the first time, at the Medical School.

Here, the new building that was handed over on the first weekend of September will be illuminated by the grandiose light installation of the internationally acclaimed Koros Design.

According to the website of the festival, the installation will invoke a neural network by showing enlarged neurons. Stepping between the six by six metre cube installation made out of textile, visitors will be able to experience the giant neurons up close. The light sculpture will be displayed on the plain in front of the new building.

According to Koros Design’s website, the A.N.N. (Artificial Neural Network) installation represents the flow of information between neurons. The installation was also presented in 2018 at the light festival in Amsterdam.

More information about the Zsolnay Light Festival, the Light Road and other related events are available on the festival website: