University life: Pécs is among the top 50 cities in the world

Friday, 24 November, 2023

Beating Paris, Milan, Nottingham, and Auckland, Pécs is the 46th best university city in the world, according to The Campus Advisor's ranking of cities with optimal university life, published on 23 November.

The ranking included criteria such as friendly atmosphere, cost of living, safety, and good nightlife, among others, reports. The data was obtained from students currently studying at a university in the given city, who rated the city’s performance on a scale of one to five based on several criteria.

The article points out that Melbourne, Berlin, and Newcastle took the top spots in the overall list, with only Pécs in Hungary besides the capital making it into the top 50.

“Even on weekdays, there are plenty of international parties and cultural evenings. Many restaurants are available, delivery is also an option, and the food is delicious and affordable. Many bars are open at night, and all of them are full! Pécs is a city full of traditional and cultural (art and architecture) things to do,” reads one feedback. Another, who also likes the city, noted that it is not as big as Budapest, but it is not as expensive to live in either, and housing is cheaper than in other cities.

Looking at The Campus Advisor’s cost of living list, we can see that Pécs is the 6th most affordable.

The survey also showed that UP students are considered very nice, and as there are no other higher education institutions with international students in the city (unlike the metropolises that stand out in the ranking), all the positive feedback is about the University of Pécs.

“We have to take every student's feedback seriously. Criticisms are fundamental for further developing our unique intercultural learning and research environment in Pécs, and we are, of course, delighted to receive such obvious positive feedback. We will also be able to communicate this excellent ranking well to the world regarding the sustainable and qualitative internationalization of UP,” - said Dr. István Tarrósy, Director of the UP International Centre.