Both the Pécs Medical School and Faculty received more applications than last year

Friday, 8 April, 2022

The number of applicants decreased by 2700 people (2.6% points) nationally in the 2022 general admission procedure; however, data at the University of Pécs (UP) shows more favourable results than the national numbers.

The 14449 applications handed in to the University of Pécs means that the number of applications grew by 640 (4.6% points). First place applications increased by almost 300 (4.4% points), and government scholarship places increased by almost 800 (6.5%).

Admissions per faculty also increased almost everywhere. Compared to 2021, faculties received the following increase in applications:

  • Faculty of Health Sciences: 511
  • Faculty of Humanities: 278
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences: 257
  • Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology: 189
  • Faculty of Law: 136
  • Faculty of Pharmacy: 63
  • Medical School: 56
  • Faculty of Music and Visual Arts: 12

The University of Pécs would like to continue the 6.5% increase, therefore the first university of Hungary is starting another admission campaign until the order change date. One of the main parts of the campaign will be the highly popular Rector’s Scholarship, which can be applied to by applicants who marked Pécs as their first choice.

Over 7000 students start or continue their existing studies at the University of Pécs every year. Knowing the application numbers, the number of Pécs university students will increase this year as well. The admission point quota and the number of admitted students will be available in June.

More details about the admission process:

UPMS admissions:

UPFP admissions:




Csortos Szabolcs/UnivPécs