Chat With Our Ambassadors

Wednesday, 10 May, 2023

We are pleased to announce that the Universtiy of Pécs Medical School and the Faculty of Pharmacy have joined the world-wide system of Unibuddy, a student engagement platform for higher education institutions.

What are we exactly talking about? Unibuddy is a third party platform that allows current and future students to chat with each other. Applicants who are still unsure about which Uni to choose, can connect with student ambassadors from the same or similar courses, providing a peer-to-peer support network and get first-hand information about the life at a particular university, including course information, accommodation and student life – or whatever they might want to hear about.

The platform includes features such as one-to-one messaging, group chat and video calling.

Unibuddy has partnerships with over 600 higher education institutions around the world, now including the University of Pécs.

How can you get connected? All you need to do is go on our website where you can find the pop-up window of our student ambassadors. Simply click on it and initiate a chat right away to find out more about us from the cozy of your home!