What lies beyond the pharmacy degree?

Tuesday, 3 October, 2023

As a pharmacist, you can work in exciting drug discovery and clinical trials

Being a pharmacist is not just about working in in a pharmacy. But why is this profession called the profession with 1000 faces? Just a few days after World Pharmacists' Day, on 28 September, the Faculty of Pharmacy of PTE organised one of the most eagerly awaited professional and career promotion events, the Professional Day! Every year, the aim of the Professional Day is to present post-graduate career opportunities to pharmacy students in as diverse a way as possible. What awaits young pharmacists when they graduate!

The pharmacy path is very diverse, but beyond the classic career areas (public pharmaceutical supply, hospital-clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical industry), there is less talk about other areas of the profession, such as finance or regulatory affairs dealing with the supply and supervision of drugs. In 2023, the focus is on the role of pharmacists in clinical trials.

We have graduated pharmacists from renowned international and national companies such as IQVIA, ICON, AstraZeneca Ltd., the vaccine manufacturer that was a key player during the pandemic, and Bayer Hungária Kft, the world's third largest pharmaceutical company by revenue, which also produces Aspirin and Bepanthen. The presentations were in both English and Hungarian.

In addition, the first programme of the Professional Day included flash presentations by the various departments of the Faculty, showing how students can get involved in the research work of the institutes and departments on Undergraduate Research Society topics. Afterwards, the students were able to visit institutes and departments and learn more about the day-to-day work of the departments.