VR Open Day 2024

Thursday, 25 April, 2024

The Erasmus+ V.I.B.E (Virtual Biomedical and STEM/STEAM Education) international project, spanning from the University of Pécs to Portugal, will host a VR Open Day on Thursday, 2 May 2024, starting at 10:00. All university citizens are welcome: students, administrative staff, research and teaching colleagues interested in practice-oriented, immersive interactive e-learning and education methods realised in virtual reality(VR) at the VR Lab (VR Lab 033) of the Faculty of Medicine, Medical Skills Development and Innovation Centre (OKIK).

During the VR Open Day, pre-registered participants will have the opportunity to try out hardware and software skill-building solutions such as the Laparoscopic VR Trainer Application, Biological VR Test Task Set, SimX Virtual Patient Care Software, as well as various medical simulators in 20-minute sessions.

The aim of the programme and the project is to demonstrate and disseminate the benefits and usability of widely used, but still not generally accepted, digital and VR-based platforms in education. With these tools and solutions, not only can educators develop effective methods to deliver high quality teaching, but also students' learning processes, achievements and digital competences are enhanced in innovative ways through visualisation and interaction. Virtual reality systems offer a scalable platform and an easily shareable solution for mass online learning. In addition, the key objective of the project is to make the link between medical and STEM skills.

The VR Open Day requires pre-registration. To minimise waiting time and ensure flexibility between classes, applicants can book specific times for themselves. The programme will start at 10:00 and 13:00 with a brief introduction and practical advice. Between the sessions, the Operational Medicine room is open with its available equipment.

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University of Pécs, Faculty of Medicine, Medical Skills Development and Innovation Centre, 7624 Pécs, Szigeti út 12.

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